Cook County Sheriff Suspending Foreclosure Evictions

More good news for distressed Cook County homeowners: The Cook County Sheriff’s Department announced this week that they are suspending service of evictions notices on people who are being foreclosed, as well as renters in buildings that are being foreclosed because the landlord has been unable to make mortgage payments.

Particularly with respect to renters, the Cook County Sheriff is requesting that banks give tenants notice of the foreclosure and time to leave voluntarily if the landlord has not paid the mortgage; while landlords routinely get such notices from their banks, they usually do not share them with tenants. As a result, tenants often know nothing about having to vacate the property until the sheriff shows up at their door.

The Cook County Sheriff’s Department has chosen to take this course of action despite the fact that it violates numerous foreclosure decrees issues by Cook County courts. It is yet to be determined if the sheriff’s office will continue to suspend foreclosure-related evictions, or if they will be held in contempt of court. In the meantime, distressed Cook County homeowners who have been foreclosed can stay in their homes!