Foreclosed Cook County Homeowner Alert: Foreclosure Evictions to Start Again

On October 9, 2008, the Cook County Sheriff’s Department announced it was suspending evictions of all foreclosed homes within county limits. The sheriff’s primary concern was for tenants in foreclosed properties, not property owners. Tenants in properties facing foreclosure were not receiving notice of the potential or actual foreclosure from the banks as required by law. With neither the banks nor landlords notifying them, many tenants knew nothing about having to vacate their homes until the sheriff’s office came knocking on their doors.

Last week the court promised to enforce the rules requiring banks to provide a four month grace period before forcing tenants to move out. Additionally, banks will have to notify the court of all tenants residing at the property, and prove that they gave each tenant notice of the foreclosure. While adhering to these rules will prolong the foreclosure process for properties inhabited by tenants, tenants will be protected and receive time to find an alternate place to live.

The Cook County Sheriff is satisfied that these new rules will help tenants, and is therefore lifting the ban on foreclosure-related evictions effective today, October 20, 2008.