Collar County Tax Sales Coming Up!

If you live in one of the collar counties, it’s that time of the year again.  Your property taxes are now past due.  The collar counties move quick.  Pay your taxes now or face the consequences.

Here’s what could happen to you if you don’t pay up by October 15 in DuPage County:  Your delinquent payment will be published in the newspaper at the end of October, and after October 31, you won’t even be able to pay using a personal check.  You can still pay with a credit or debit card until November 12.  If you can’t make the payment by then, then you still have until 4:30 on November 19 to pay using certified funds.  After that, it’s too late.  The DuPage County tax sale begin on November 20.

What about if you live in Lake County and haven’t paid your real estate taxes yet?  Well, you have until October 8 to pay online, or until October 15 to pay by mail or in the office.  Any payments must include the penalty, which is 7.5% on the first installment and 3% on the second installment.  If you don’t pay by October 15, the failure to pay will be published on October 30 or 31.  You can still make a payment through October 31 via personal check, or through November 3 with certified funds or credit card.  If you miss those deadline too, you can still walk into the treasurer’s office and pay with a credit card until November 14, but that’s your last chance.  The tax sale begins on November 17.

Kane, Kendall, McHenry and Will will also have their tax sales in the next few months.  For more details, you can check any of the county websites!