Buyers Beware of Meth Homes

If you’re in the market to buy a home, you probably already know there are many things you need to keep an eye out for; the list goes on and on and on.  Well, here’s another one you may not have thought about just yet:  Was the house ever used to make meth?  And if it was, should you care?        

Well, yes, you should absolutely care.  Meth can get into various surfaces in a home, and cause all sorts of health problems for the home’s occupants.  Many homes used to manufacture meth were re-wired, which means there might also be a serious electrical hazard.  And of course, meth remediation (yes, that’s a thing) is expensive.

What should you look out for?  Well, the home may have a strong chemical smell.  There might be chemical stains on plumbing fixtures in the bathroom.  You might feel a burning sensation in your throat or in your eyes when you are walking through the home.  And if you find large amounts of empty cold medicine packaging, lighter fluids, batteries or paint thinner, that’s another sign.  These things are used to manufacture meth. 

If you are concerned, but are still interested in a home, look online or call the local police department.  Your area may have a registry of homes used in the manufacture of drugs, or the police might know if the home you’re interested in was involved in the drug trade.  Also, you can buy an inexpensive meth-testing kit to find out if meth was present.  You can also hire a professional inspector who tests for drugs. 

What if the house of your dreams was, in fact, a meth lab?  Well, if it’s a deal, and you’re willing to spend the money to properly remediate the house before you move in, maybe you can still make it work.  If not, look elsewhere.  You’ll find the right home for you soon enough!