Cook County Real Estate Tax Exemption Applications DUE SOON!







The Cook County Assessor’s office has posted its 2017 exemption applications for Cook County homeowners.  The following 2017 exemption applications can be found there now:

  1. Homeowner’s exemption
  2. Senior exemption
  3. Senior freeze
  4. Disabled person’s exemption
  5. Disabled veteran’s exemption

If you qualify for any of these exemptions for 2017, you should apply immediately.  To qualify, you must fall into the relevant category as of the 1st day of 2017.  For example, if you are trying to claim the homeowner’s exemption, you must have lived in the home on the 1st day of 2017.  If you are trying to claim the senior citizen’s exemption, you must have lived in the home on the 1st day of 2017, and you must have been born in 1952 or earlier.  If you are trying to claim a senior freeze, then in addition to meeting the senior exemption requirements, your household income for 2016 must be $65,000 or less.  These various exemptions are only available on your primary residence.

There are only a few days left to apply!  Applications are DUE February 7th.  Don’t delay!  You can save hundreds of dollars on your real estate taxes by simply submitting these forms in a timely manner.  Many, many, many homeowners don’t get the exemptions they are entitled to because they don’t file these applications.  While that’s great for the county (more money for them), it’s not so great for you (less money for you).