Real Estate – America’s Preferred Investment?

Bankrate recently conducted a survey, and guess what they found. They determined that Americans who have money to set aside for the next ten years would rather invest in real estate than in anything else. 25% of Americans chose real estate as the preferred long-term investment over the alternatives, although savings accounts and CDs came in a close second at 23%. 16% of Americans said they would invest in stock, another 16% said they would invest in precious metals like gold, and only 5% chose bonds.

The higher the income, the more likely the individual was to choose real estate. 33% of people with income over $75,000 chose real estate, while only 23% of people who earn between $50,000 and $74,000 preferred real estate over the alternatives.

For a long-term investment, real estate does seem a safer bet than the stock market, which can hit rapid highs and lows. Real estate does, however, require some work. You may have to deal with tenants or contractors on an ongoing basis. Of course, if you’re completely risk averse or if you’re short on time, a savings account might be the way to go.