Baby Boomers Still on the Go!

Anyone that has moved knows what a pain it is — the endless packing and unpacking, arranging and re-arranging furniture, decorating, painting, etc. And let’s face it, many people still have an unpacked box or two (or ten).  Really, moving is just so much work.

Despite all of that, apparently age does not make you less likely to move. Freddie Mac recently completed a survey, called the Freddie Mac 55+ survey, in which they determined that 40% of homeowners over the age of 55 – that’s almost 27 million people — would like to move.  While half of those homeowners plan on spending less on their next home, 12% actually plan on spending more than the price range of their current home, while the remaining 48% anticipate moving into a home in the same general price range.

Why do baby boomers want to move? Well, the affordability of their communities, less maintenance, and necessary amenities are the top three reasons.  They also want to move closer to their families, for climate, and for access to area facilities or public transportation.  Surprisingly, only 19% want to move in order to downsize.

Whatever the reason, baby boomers are still in the housing market, and they are still willing to go through the hassles associated with moving!