Senior Exemption for Real Estate Taxes in Illinois

If you are a senior and you own a home in Illinois, you could qualify for a senior exemption on last year’s real estate taxes.  While the first installment of 2013 taxes has already been paid, the second installment won’t be due for month, and you can still get the benefit of the senior exemption if you qualify.  To get a senior exemption for 2013:

1)   You must have been at least 65 years old during 2013.
2)   You must own your residence.  If you do not own, you may still qualify for the senior exemption if your lease states that you are responsible for real estate taxes.
3)   If you moved during the tax year, you can apply for and receive a prorated senior exemption.  Make sure you submit your HUD or settlement statement, proof of age, proof of residency, and a copy of a recent real estate tax bill.

Contact your county assessor to get the application, and get it done quickly.  Applications will be due soon!