Problem Tenants in Your Condominium Association?

Associations frequently want to know what they can do when a unit owner rents out their condominium unit to someone who constantly violates rules. Well, assuming the association has not banned rentals altogether, there are a few options available:

1) If the condominium documents allow it, the association can assess fines to the unit for the various rule violations. Unit owners will not want to pay fines for problems their tenants are creating. In this way, unit owners are encouraged to deal more proactively with their tenants. Hopefully the unit owners can convince their tenants to comply with the association’s rules, or if not, they can start the eviction process.

2) The condominium board can also terminate the lease. The Illinois Condominium Property Act allows condominium associations to terminate tenant leases, so long as the requirements of the Act are met (i.e. proper notice, eviction proceedings, etc.)

If you have problem tenants in your association, it is wise to address the problems early on, before it gets any worse!