Cook County Senior Citizens Real Estate Exemptions: Explained

Do you qualify for a Cook County senior exemption on your real estate tax bill?  You may, if you meet the criteria outlined below.  If you do, make sure you apply for the exemption on an annual basis (unlike past years, you have to apply annually now to preserve your senior exemption).

1.   You have to be at least 65 years old (in the tax year for which you are applying for the exemption).
2.   The property you are applying for must be your primary residence.
3.   You must be the owner of the property.  If you are not the owner, then you must have a lease for the property which states you are responsible for the payment of real estate taxes.

If you submit your application, and you qualify for the senior exemption, you will receive a deduction on your second installment tax bill.  Also, if you apply for the senior exemption, you do not need to submit a separate application for a homeowner’s exemption.

If you feel you qualify, you should certainly apply.  A senior exemption will reduce your tax bill by more than just the homeowner’s exemption, keeping valuable dollars in your pocket.