What it Means to be a Good Seller

A few years back, during the pandemic, I had a particularly memorable closing. Unfortunately, it was not memorable for any good reason.  Every single thing was going wrong. My paralegal had an emergency and was not in the office.  My clients, the buyers, had gone to do their walk-through that morning. They found rats in the house. Additionally, built-in shelving that was included in the purchase had been removed from two different rooms in the house, including an entire wall of mudroom built-ins.  The seller was nowhere to be found.  The seller‘s attorney was nowhere to be found. When I finally tracked down his assistant and told her about the rats, she said a few rats should not bother anyone and they certainly wouldn’t bother her.  Gross. Honestly, I have had so many closings where sellers have pulled these types of stunts that despite all the problems, in a normal… read more →